What is the difference between a full and a partial denture?

Full (or complete) dentures are used to replace all natural teeth, while partials are dentures that replace one or several teeth. Partial dentures may also be used to replace one or more teeth when a bridge is not an option.

How are dentures fitted?

A denture fitting begins with an impression which is sent to a lab where the denture is made. Today’s dentures use materials and designs that are more lightweight, more durable, and more comfortable and natural-feeling than those used a decade ago. Once the dentures are fabricated, they’re carefully fitted and adjusted, so they rest securely on the gums. Regular dental appointments are important to ensure dentures continue to fit properly so sore spots and potential infections can be avoided.

How long will it take for me to get used to my dentures?

Generally speaking, it’s easier to become used to partial dentures compared to full dentures, and those who have had partial dentures usually find it easier to adjust to full dentures. Reading out loud and eating a variety of foods after receiving a new denture can help speed up the adjustment process.

Is a denture better than a bridge?

To some extent, the choice between a denture and a bridge is a personal decision, but in some cases, such as when the teeth on either side of a gap are not strong enough to support a bridge or when many teeth are missing, a bridge may not be an option. A denture may also be less costly and easier to care for than a bridge in some cases. During the office consultation, the “pros and cons” of each option will be thoroughly explored and discussed.

If I have full dentures, do I still need routine dental appointments?

Absolutely. Not only are routine appointments important to ensure dentures fit properly so irritation and sore spots don’t occur, but they’re also important to ensure gums remain healthy and to perform oral cancer screenings.

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